Monday, 14 September 2009

10th September

I am a bit of a list and storage woman, and like to think of myself as being fairly organised. Ages ago when I bought Megan's uniform I bought a pen and labels to mark it with. Well, the day before she starts nursery, and I couldn't find them anywhere! I realised that although I may have been organised in buying them, if I'd gone to label the uniform earlier than the day before, I might have realised I couldn't find them and saved the last minute stress!

9th September

I was feeling really stressed out, was in between 2 night shifts and had only had 3 hours sleep in 2 days, the girls were being really hard work and I was shattered and getting worked up, and my husband walked in from work. I'm so grateful for the way he can calm me down and helps me! Not a new revelation, but important to focus on every now and then.

8th September

Much as I love her, Megan is quite high maintenance, and rather unpredictable in whether she's going to behave well or have a freak out! Her two new teachers came to the house for a visit before she started pre-school, and she proved to me that when it suits her, she can behave impeccably! From the minute they walked through the door she was sweet as a nut, chatting away like they were her best friends.

And when they left, I breathed a sigh of relief :-)

7th September

When Maisie woke up this day she has really swollen lips, which was a bit scary. The first thing I did (after giving her Piriton!) was ring my mum, and it made me think that I'll never be too old to ring my mum. I know she's busy, but she's there for us in moments of stress, joy, and for a chat. I love her!

6th September

The message at church on Sunday 6th was all about God's grace for today and holding onto His promises. The photo is of some 7 Gypsies chipboard frames I've been altering with different verses on to encourage me through the day.

Actually, the lesson was even stronger the next day when I thought we were going to lose £300 a month, and I had to remember to pray before panicking! God is faithful, though, and He has provided again (as He always does :-) ). If only I'd be quicker at learning this lesson!

5th September

Well I am a few days behind with scrapping, but even more behind with blogging! So whilst the girls are being fairly quiet (thank goodness for sunny garden days!), I thought I'd add a few layouts.

5th September was a bad day in work - I didn't get to eat until very late, by which time the canteen was shut, and when I went to the fridge for my emergency snacks they'd gone! Not happy times, a painful lesson to learn for a pregnant woman! `

Saturday, 5 September 2009

4th September

Ha ha! Took Maisie for a hearing test at the hospital, and about 2 minutes before we were due to go in for her appointment smelt that smell...only I'd forgotten to take a clean nappy with us! You'd think after 3 1/2 years of motherhood I'd be prepared!