Thursday, 3 September 2009

Sept 1st

The day didn't start well...too early, for a start! Husband had to be at work early, which meant I had to come round quickly and be up with the girls before 7 (not too good at that in my pregnant sleepless nights state!). The girls were hyper and trashed the house, there was the world's biggest spider in the settee which I had to remove...I couldn't get the photo of the sun through the trees that I wanted. Generally, I was feeling pretty grumpy, and then at some point in the day, I had a word with myself, read the verse that I scrapped the other day, and decided to cheer up.

And, surprise, surprise, by the end of the day, I realised it wasn't so bad. And that the way a day begins doesn't dictate how it ends.

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Taniaj said...

Glad your day turned out okay, great page Tx