Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Layouts - some old favorites

I really liked this photo of Liam that I took on holiday last summer and thought I'd do a page of just him without a small girl hanging onto him!

Changed the photo that Martha took on my
birthday last year to Sepia and made this 'grungy' layout about how it's the experiences that have made us look so tired that have brought us closer together! (Got to find a positive in looking so rough at 26!).

Maisie at about 4 months old - her eyes are still the first thing people comment on!

'A Tiny Little Girl with a Great Big Smile' - the petals around the photo have similar stitching to the flower on Maisie's dress.

A familiar sight of Liam with Megan at the bottom of the garden. This was about a year ago, but it's still her favorite place to calm down, and this is still one of my favorite layouts!

'Watch and Wonder' - Megan's first experience of kites at Ogmore last summer.

Megan at 10 months used to walk around with her hand to her ear...copying 'somone' talking on the phone :-) This and 'A Tiny Little Girl with a Great Big Smile' were two of my entries that were runners up for Scrapbooker of the Year in Scrapbook Magazine earlier this year.

Well Maisie's lobbing her food everywhere, so best go! xxx

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