Monday, 23 June 2008


My mum would like me to come clean and admit that all of the flowers on the slide show at the bottom, except for the bluebells and the fuschia (RIP, snapped in half in the wind one night) all live in her garden! This is true and they are very beautiful. My fuschia was beautiful and the only thing that was growing well in my little garden :-(

Anyway, it's been a bit crazy the last few days with Liam away and Maisie burning herself and ending up in A & E and pretty much all bandaged up... so the first picture is one from a few days ago before she looked beaten up!

Also a couple of pictures from yesterday afternoon with my family. Theo is now nearly 6 weeks old and gorgeous, Megan and Oliver didn't fight too much and seemed to be engrossed by Grandma's dramatic story telling, and I love the one of Megan in Joel's hat!

love 'n' hugs

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