Friday, 4 July 2008

New summery photos...

I'm pleased to report that Maisie has been healing well following her burning incident - she doesn't have any bandages anymore, and her face and hands although still a bit pink are looking really good! Phew! She is a bit of a danger, that one!

The nearer it gets to my birthday the more I'm dreaming of a camera that isn't broken! Mine has now started a new trick, the whole image rolls up and down the screen sometimes, alternating with glowing flourescent colours, or the screen just going white. I can still fix it by hitting the special spot on the front, but you know, I can still keep hinting to family and Liam...

However I've still enjoyed some of the nice weather in the last week or so, and am particularly loving my lavender at the moment, despite the fact it has actually blocked the whole path down the front garden (sorry to any visitors!).

H x

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