Friday, 12 December 2008

12th December

It was fun to do today's entry, remembering Christmas in my childhood and thinking about the changes. We always used to spend Christmas with grandparents, and I don't have any left now, and we live a long way from where I grew up, so don't spend Christmas with the friends we used to see then. But my family hasn't changed, and there's now even more of us, there's still little children running around, but now they're mine and Emma's, not our siblings, and we still eat the same food and take a long time over the present-opening! The grandparents we spend Christmas with are now my girls' grandparents, not my own, but things are just as (if not more) fun! And of course, we still have the obligitary family photo, but now it's a case of using the one from March if that was the last time we managed to all get together!


Janelle said...

This is such a cute page, and your journaling is great!

Diane said...

First I just gotta say that I love the title of your blog!!! Second, your page is darn cute too, although it's hard to look away from that darling header picture!

Latharia said...

Just delightful! Love those hanging charms & the sparkle on random letters!!