Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Dec 13th to 15th, Christmas is on it's way!

10 days to go! (actually 9, but I'm a day behind on my journal, due to a Study Day today. Work does seem to get in the way of my priorities at times! Day 13 was on Christmas music, so I put some of my favorites on the front and then journalled underneath the postcard about why In the Bleak Midwinter has my favorite verse in, sharing the true meaning of Christmas.

Day 14 was on how our family traditionally give out our presents, this being a somewhat lengthy process in my family, with the youngest giving all their presents to everyone first, and moving up in age. Bear in mind there'll be 12 adults and 4 children there on Christmas Day this year! I do love the fact that there is some control to the affair though (!), and that you get to see people's response when they open your present, and to say thank you when you open theirs.

Yesterday's prompt was about the people who we spend Christmas with, and I wrote not just about Christmas day itself, but all the other little things we have going on this year, some of which have already happened, and others in the next week. I love the sociable nature of the season!

I'm exhausted tonight due to a poorly little girl coming in and out of my bed last night, so I may leave today's entry until tomorrow. Then again, Liam is asleep on the sofa, so perhaps I'll get on with it now!!! xxx

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Sarah said...

Loving all your pages, lots of really nice details! Well done on getting caught up with JYC-wish I could!